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1137 11th Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816

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Seed Restaurant is food on a mission.

Seed is out to make healthy, farm-to-table dining accessible to everyone. The unique menu is filled with creative variations of regional dishes based around locally produced, chemical-free ingredients. We support island farmers and cultivate an urban garden on the premises for just-picked freshness. You’ll taste and feel the difference.   

Seed is also out to do business the right way. Business can be an expression of justice and joy. The restaurant is staffed by survivors of homelessness, human trafficking, and domestic abuse, along with other at-risk individuals who face unique challenges. Seed provides flexible jobs, training, and a supportive community enriched by a team of volunteers. Justice and hard work have never felt so fun. 

Food that is good for you, good for the community, and very good to eat. 

Enjoy the food.  Join the mission. 


We're sad to say “Goodbye.”

We will be closing our doors on Sunday, March 13. However, there has been plenty to celebrate over the past two years as we helped to transition many individuals coming out of difficult circumstances into good jobs. Though this is the end for Seed, it's only the beginning of new justice enterprises, so please stay tuned.

Come and dine with us one last time before we turn out the lights.

Mahalo for your support.





Tuesday – Saturday

11:00am – 2:00pm


Tuesday – Sunday

5:00pm – 9:00pm



Seed tries to give food a little meaning.

Our menu is filled with regional dishes made more meaningful through health, justice, and artistry. We choose ingredients that are honest and fresh. We gather from local sources whenever possible and grow fresh kitchen herbs and vegetables on the premises in our urban garden. Some of our recipes might vary slightly day-to-day depending on what’s available locally. This is as it should be. We prepare dishes creatively, to nourish both body and spirit. We serve with joy because we’re grateful.







1137 11th Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816

Behind Big City Diner and below Himalayan Kitchen in Kaimuki



Dinner Reservations Recommended




Tuesday – Saturday

11:00am – 2:00pm



Tuesday – Sunday

5:00pm – 9:00pm



Closed Monday




Many many thanks to all of our friends and supporters. Without your help and partnership, Seed Restaurant would not be able to continue its mission. Below is a list of many who have given time, energy, and money to help Seed with renovations, repairs, and preparing for the future. This list does not include every person who supported Seed as some wished to remain anonymous (either via Indiegogo donation or check donation). We apologize for any misspellings, but thank you again. We cannot begin to express our gratitude and we hope that you will join us at Seed very soon!

Sus Lew and Barrie Evans
Isabel Hirama
Sarah O'Connor
Akua Wellness
Makana Aiona
Michael Medina
Mark Dahle
Don Chin
John and Kim DeWitt
Adam Maze
Barbara Brescia
Byron Lee
Daniel Taylor
Lyle Fujikawa
Anna Roberts
Sterling Shrader
Edward Wallace
Andrea Bertoli
June Macdonald
Leah Dankertson
Peter Hsu
Gretchen Saalbach
J. Orli
Nan Ketpura-Ching
Jeannie Chan
Glen Acohido
Edwin Chiang
Stelleo Tolda
D'Arcy Kerrigan
Lisa Calderon
Jake Janzen
Danica Marai
Jenifer Blevins
Michael Tom
Mary Kay
Cerina Epple
Jenn Blohm
C. Yu
Yuko Lee
Robin Kam
Julia Carter
Jacquie Knott
Larissa Marks
Melanie Tan
Ann Sloat
Rose Summers

Stacey Chee
Jeannie Marie
Kristen Collat
Michael Medina
Brett Perez
Gerald Walle
Kristin Wensel
Rand Tucker
Jeff Lewis
Chad Pope
Moses Ling
James Cheng
Natasha Zoltus
John La Grou
Lori Goodgame
Paula Lum
Diana Dole
Nona Hough
Eria Yamauchi
Danica Fong
Michael Tom
Antonija Campbell
Christian Amos
Joel Savoie
S. Pete
Teresa Fung
Erik Robb
Florence Fujiwara
J. Buckley
JoAnn Cheung
Terry Gaskin
Victor Lin
Bonnie Joyce
Michael and Esther Lee
Rebecca Batchelder
Rebecca Soon
Hyde Park Vineyard Church
Genevieve Runningwind
Noelle Chun
The Tynan Family
M. Perrott
Kim Garcia-Meza
Bartt Tsuruda
Ashley Ching

Pete and Stephanie Jones
Terri, Brian, and Bren Odom
Jonathan Wu
Jason Ip
Betty Kamida
Nina Wichman
J. Kempen
Esther Shimazu
George Campbell
Kahumana Farms
Elizabeth Loughran
The River Church
The Wick Family
Carol Brown
Kathy Tuan-Maclean
Caleb Maskell
Lisa Maddock
L. Pikcunas
Paraluman Stice-Durkin
B. Gum
Elliott Burke
Debbie Namba
Kelli Miura
Ryan Namba
Veronica Lamb
Daniel Taylor
S. Andrews
Sarah R.
Tatum Downs
Candice Frontiera
Linda Rackley
Keith Hamasaki
Pat Swanson
David Arai
Kalani Sloat
Russell Ogata
Jaime Chuck
Bob Tam
Jean McIntosh
Steve and Trish Ryan
Frank Lau
Callie Doan
Elaine White
Brenda Wong
Mel Zak
Joseph Tsujimoto

Connie Chung
Jean Campbell
Laurie Kahiapo
Stephanie Castillo
Brittany Meyers
Kyle Karioaka
Martin Schiller
Nathan Hokama
Kelly Shattuck
Kristin Rhein
Aja Wallace
Taylor Hanson
Sarah Smith
Howard Park
Natalie Mansfield
Philip Mansfield
DW Kawano
George Richard Ryan
Marybelle Hollister
James and Janice Burns
Catherine Sorensen
Chiyoko Shimazu
Paul Griffiths
Paul Callaghan
Ilene Hafner
Lorna Ishibashi
Josephe and Donna Blohm
A-1 A-Lectrician
Margaret Lai
William WT Won
Jeffrey and Susan Rhein
Albert Rhein
K.R. Offerdahl
Martin and Tamara Juarez
Howard Mukoyama
Keiko Sugihara
Pedro Cruz
Edward Sax
Rodney Shim
Paul and Catherine Gutjhar
New Hope East Shore
Tammy Sorenson-Holck
Colette Oshiro
Brad Kastelin
Carrieann Quinn
Bridger Hamilton
Barbara Shrader
Coby Thornton




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Our food is locally sourced whenever possible.

Some even comes from our urban garden on the premises. We use chemical-free produce and responsibly managed animal sources. Daily recipes might vary depending on what’s available from island farmers.

Our meals are always healthy. 

We won’t serve it if it isn’t true to the body. Our plates are proportioned and balanced for optimum health.

Our business is an expression of justice.

Seed is staffed by survivors of homelessness, human trafficking, domestic abuse and other unique challenges. We create flexible jobs in community with the help of volunteer employees. Justice works.

Enjoy the food. Join the mission.



We would appreciate any suggestions or comments you may have.

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